Monday, November 30, 2009

Again in the Bathroom

I don't know if so many of my random post occur in the bathroom because I have a bladder the size of an acorn or not but we find ourselves once again in the setting of the potty for this one......

So picture if you would walking into the bathroom and taking up temporary residence in your own little stall world. As i was going into my little room the stall next door occupant was exiting hers and we did the polite little head nod of "I dont know you but since we accidently made eye contact you will get the "whats up" nod that is required." So I go in, put down the little seat cover protector thingie, and all of the sudden hear the exiting occupant talking. .......... oh.... kay.....

So i am sitting there listening to "Hello..... Hell-o..... Hi there! H' ello.. no no HEllo....."

I am trying not to giggle for the life of me and can only assume she has a crush and she is practicing her flirt greeting to this person in question. I would like to think that upon entering her office and seeing this person she got all flustered and did a flustered kind of Hi and shuffeled on her way shaking her head with some type of inner monologue like "stupid, stupid, stupid." But then again thats just me. =]

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