Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ramdom Ranting

Warning: This post is random, boring, and jumps around because my brain does not seem to be functioning as normal today. I apologize in advance.

I like to think of myself as a people watcher. Not in a stalker-ish stare you down and follow you around kinda way but in an observant sort of way. So as I was sitting on a bench watching a rather interesting big boned woman place an order for fried……. (Well fried everything to tell ya the truth), let’s just say place her dinner order. I realized I was dining with a fellow people watcher. It’s amusing to see the type of observations that other people notice. This made me wonder as to what others think when looking at me.
I am a very good listener, I very rarely have a comment to add to the conversation but that does not mean I don’t have an opinion. I have found that the art of expressing oneself out loud does not always end well and sometimes it is worth it just to hold your tongue. (My momma didn’t raise no fool) Though I hate to be ignored and if I say something that I think needs a response I get highly upset when nothing is returned. (Jackasses that don’t write back to emails…… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)
The other thing I want to touch on is parents……… We all have them (Weather you like them or not is your own issues) but what is the deal with the plethora of advice they hand out? I love both of my parents. Someone asked me if I would trade and I immediately had to decline without even giving it a thought but it occurs to me that no one can piss on my parade faster than one of them. Slightly depressing, makes me want to become a little more inverted than I already am but that is a story for another day………………………..

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