Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I do not know what it is....... All of the sudden I have become obsessed with this little wrinkled fruit!!! Chock full of iron packed into its loose little folds of skin I find them amazingly delightful. Here are some of my favories:
- Oatmeal raisin cookies
- Carrotcake (its fruit and veggie!)
- Raisin bran cereal
- Oatmeal (this one I was unsure of but it works)
- Trail mix!!!

I have decided that the M&M's company needs to make a candy coated chocolate dipped raisin. *takes a bow* That is all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So here it is, another day another lunch break I forgot to pack. For those that don’t know there is a Taco Bell across the street that gets a lot of business from the girls in our office that find then selves in this same predicament. So I go next door, I stand in line to get my good ol’ number 6 (Mmm Chicken chalupa, taco, and a Diet Pepsi) and pull out the old debit card, good for every day on the go moments or in my case every time I want to make a purchase. So I get my tray and turn to find a place to park it and eat before the walk back to the office. So as I am walking through the “dining room” a slightly off balance man holding a fishing pole steps in front of me. “Excuse me, I didn’t catch enough fish to eat today, do have some money for me?” Of course I don’t I use plastic for everything and anything. So I open my mouth to apologize by telling him I don’t carry cash. The man looks down slightly sad and starts to turn away. All of the sudden his hand flashes out to Snatch a taco right off of my tray!! Yes sir it is true. I look up in shock to see a homeless man and his fishing pole bookin it through the parking lot clutching my taco as he goes. I didn’t really care about the taco, he obviously needed it much more than I did and half of the time throw it away anyways but how shocking and unexpectedly random is that?!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Que dream sequence......

Nothing for April...... Sorry I was a slacker.

Yeah so I had a dream last night that I was Prego….. like 8 months HUGE!!! And I was watching Victor (my sisters kid reached terrible 2’s this week) and he was throwing a tantrum and rolling around on this Redwood deck patio thing. So there was a hole cut in it where this tree was growing up with like a foot or so of clearance around it and Victor rolled into this hole and under the deck. So all the sudden he stops crying and giggles and I hear this rattle like a rattle snake and then he just starts screaming!!! So I like kick the boards off the patio under carriage part and someone is calling 911, (I dunno who it is, I can just hear them behind me on the phone flippig out). So I pull Victor out and he is crying and hugging me and sayin his little nah nuh thingie ( he calls me na-na like a banana) and the ambulance comes for us and I go into labor holding him. So were in the same hospital room and my sister gets there and I’m having the baby and she’s all talking to victor telling him please don’t die please please, so the Dr. tells her that he will be ok and it looks like a baby snake bit him and the venom wasn’t fully developed and junk and he would be totally fine. So my sister comes running over to me just as they hand me my baby and I start to drop it so she takes it from me and I start having these seizures and junk,
So…….. turns out the big snake bit my hand when I pulled victor out as it was just about to bite him and I died. ….. D-E-D dead. So now my sister has 2 babies.

This is what I get after a lovely dinner of 3 mint Oreos, 1 slice of bologna, 2 dill pickles, and a sugar free Poweraid. I wonder if I totally did the Julia and Julia thing and ate random weird things at bed time I could blog the food induced dreams………….. Good times.