Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reply all.... disaster

So..... I hate t when some "fantastic" person sends out the stupidest email that makes you sit back and re-read the amazingness to make sure you didn't misunderstand them the first time through it. Nope sure did not. So a few people respond and say I agree, or Nice job, or good observation. So one of my friends (brown noser that she is) writes back and say's "I never noticed this, good catch." So as I hit the reply button and with my usual sarcasm in hand say "You can not really think that anything that bitch has to say is really "good" anything especially since you have been bitching about that flaw for two weeks yourself. Do not try and support her ego believe me she is stuck on herself enough that the last thing she needs is your face down by her ass blowing it up like a balloon too dumb ass."

Ok...... so little did I know that I hit the reply to all button and now the entire office knows how I really feel about this one individual, including the girl that I have been playing nice with....... Damn it. Thank you Monday Man. FML....