Friday, May 31, 2013

Super Heros... Unite!

Comic Con 05/2013
    I will admit that this was in fact my 1st attempt to enter the Comic Con world and I was not disappointed. Amid a mass of latex, spray on glitter, stage make up and more I have found an amazing amount of fun!
As I wander through the Expo center and am impressed by the amount of people, costumes, themes, and creativity within the building I am also a little nervous. Thouse of you that know me well know that I am not overly fond of a ton of people in one space. Was this the reason for my concern? No. In fact it was some of the actual costumes. Some people were amazing! Clothes, make up, hair, personality the whole 9 yards was put into the idea behind their get up. Others… well you throw on a t-shirt with a super hero emblem and there is your effort (Raises hand, I totally had on the wonder woman t-shirt). But now I approach my concern……. Looking around the expo center I find a few people alarming…. In fact some of the people it would appear that there is nothing holding together that outfit but a hope and a prayer against the force of gravity and movement! Obviously some people that is totally fine and half the men in the center would not mind for an epic wardrobe malfunction. The others…… I hope to god you used enough glue, tape, double sided sticky tape or whatever is holding it all in.