Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NEW CONDO!!!!!!!

So by now most of you know I have bought a condo. So this is not a blog to update all about the cleaning it or fixing it or moving in, No that would not be my style now would it? :) Ok so little story...

A lady died in my condo. There it is. Now I am a big baby anyways, especially when I am alone. Every little thing or noise makes me jump. So here I am at 10pm last night, I walk in the front door and stand at the bottom of the stairs to listen for any sign that someone is going to chop my head off once I pop up over the landing. So here i am standing at the bottom of the stairs, crying like a baby, for like 5 mins. So then it occurs to me that maybe some nefarious character is in the garage waiting for me to get comfy and then BAM pop up out of the darkness. I open up the garage, have a little peak inside to see that it is empty still (it was) before 7 mins later I talked myself into going on up.

So I actually enter the living area of the condo, do my little look around. So now what? I am expecting ghosts of some little old lady with the crazy hair to come flying out of the walls or some creepy person to be in the mirror with me as I am brushing my teeth. I fully realize that I have seen way to many scary movies.

So I finally settle down to watch a chick flick and cry in bed but can' fall asleep because the shadows on my wall looks like someone is hanging out on the balcony outside my bedroom.
**sigh** I am a little tired today.