Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drop it!!!

To all you people that think that Nipple biting is a huge turn on….. Stop it! That thing is not a chew toy and surprise YES it is attached. Here is a hint, just because it gets hard does NOT automatically mean it is a good thing! ~~~Thank you ~~~

So now that the holiday season is over with it is time for me to relive the horror that was the holiday shopping. What happened to the day when we were kids and the rule of “Someone got it first, you find another toy to play with.” The people out there that go all crazy and decide to pepper spray someone over a pair of new shoes I say too much. This is like tickle me Elmo all over again! All in All by this time next year the crap you bought will not matter.
On this note I think I have had an epiphany on the matter. The reason that people get so piss ass drunk for New Years is to get over the Xmas stress that almost made you go crazy. To you people I tip my hat. Also as a tip, set an alarm on your cell phone for 12:15 to call yourself a Taxi, #1 you will be to drunk to remember and #2 It will be such a long wait time that it will get there at the time you are ready to go anyways.