Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Judging Judy

So I have to laugh at the fact that I drank an entire bottle of rum last night all to myself.

So tonight in the line of my hang over while chowing down on a Taco Bell burrito a car got pulled over right in front of me. My first internal thought was "What a dumbass" (Says the girl that polished off 3 times what it takes for her to get drunk anyways). So as I am sitting here watching this cop talk to these idiots, alert stance he puts his hand to his gun and I am like Oh... my... god.... mouth open, full of half chewed burrito I was like "Dude someone is gunna die Right Meow" (used the kitty in real life lol)

Anyways, long story short girl did NOT pass her little sober Sally test and I have a broken Toe nail that hurts like a bitch and cement burn on her elbow that may and or may not turn into a scar later as yet to be determined.