Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hockey Eh?

Well that was uncomfortable.... So I had a Dr's appointment the other day..... a FEMALE issues Dr appointment.... long story short (No one that ever says that makes it short) I got my IUD put in! That BULLSHIT hurts people! So not even cool! Bitches lie if they say it didn't! Anyways, I have no idea how we got onto the topic but while the Dr is hands deep into my baby maker we start talking about Hockey and how the puck is hard to follow in a professional game. As we are making awkward conversation and I am going off about how the games are so commercial and all the B.S. calls just make it hard to watch sometimes.
So after we wrap things up and as I am leaving the Dr says "Go Kings!" uhhh Say whuuuu? Good thing he didn't say that when working in the basement because I am not good at keeping my mouth shut and might have said some shit about his team...

Lost in space and time....

Wow...2013 to 2015... where did that 2 year gap go? Well I will just give a brief explanation. Health issues, Family Issues, Ups and downs and all arounds.... Dad was diagnosed with cancer and moved in with me. The Family tried really hard to take care of him, support him, Love him, provide comfort and care. Dad died in December, it was a Wednesday morning. The thought of living without my dad was something that I would never be able to live through but here I am. The up side to all of this is that it made it possible for me and the siblings to meet our other brother Joe. We all knew about him but never thought we would ever know anything about him let alone meet him and his amazing family. Life is good. I love you Dad I will always miss you.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Super Heros... Unite!

Comic Con 05/2013
    I will admit that this was in fact my 1st attempt to enter the Comic Con world and I was not disappointed. Amid a mass of latex, spray on glitter, stage make up and more I have found an amazing amount of fun!
As I wander through the Expo center and am impressed by the amount of people, costumes, themes, and creativity within the building I am also a little nervous. Thouse of you that know me well know that I am not overly fond of a ton of people in one space. Was this the reason for my concern? No. In fact it was some of the actual costumes. Some people were amazing! Clothes, make up, hair, personality the whole 9 yards was put into the idea behind their get up. Others… well you throw on a t-shirt with a super hero emblem and there is your effort (Raises hand, I totally had on the wonder woman t-shirt). But now I approach my concern……. Looking around the expo center I find a few people alarming…. In fact some of the people it would appear that there is nothing holding together that outfit but a hope and a prayer against the force of gravity and movement! Obviously some people that is totally fine and half the men in the center would not mind for an epic wardrobe malfunction. The others…… I hope to god you used enough glue, tape, double sided sticky tape or whatever is holding it all in.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dream Land

So...... Anyone that has heard me talk about my dreams knows that my subconsious is less than normal..... See my original blog to compair. In light of this I decided I might as well start to write about some of them.
Big Foot is that you? As I walk through the trees I come to realize that I am hopelessly lost. I know that everyone tells you that when you are lost to just pick a place, cop a squat, and wait til someone finds you but when you are out in the wilds your mind takes over and you think "well I just bet that there is a road, or camp, or trail, just right up here a bit" and then wouldn't you look silly sitting just a few yards away from something hmm? So I keep going. At this point the branches are so think I can choose to windmill my arms and slap them out of my face or just put them up boxer style and plow on through..... ok here we go. ** hop, hop, arms up, and RUN** SLAM I am knocked on my ass by something big and solid. Oh mighty oak tree.... you win. The ground in this part of the ..... what is this? Forest? Woods? Someones Overgrown unkempt back yard? ..... Well it looks comfy enough and it is getting dark. I start to shuffle ferns, and leaves, and other mossy like plants over next to a bush since the wind is starting to pick up a bit. and make myself a nice little nest. As I plunk myself down on my leaves I start to think about all of the little bugs and spiders that will be sharing this with me tonight and can already feel them on my person. Ewwww....... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz Whuzzat? As I wake up from my rather sound sleep and whipe the drool from my face I look around in the complete and blinding darkness...... ................ twig snap................. rock roll................ branch break......... wind....... "um.... Hello?" RAAWWWRRRRRR HOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLL SCARY NOISE RRRAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR ~BLACK~

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is a common tale of tragedy….. Love

A is desperately in love with B. A has been in love with B for years and spends every waking moment thinking of dear dear B. B is best friends with A but is smitten with C. C thinks that B is nice enough but C is head over heels for dangerous D. D likes to live on the edge and is a little unconventional. What no one realizes is that D has a crush on A. Once B realizes this B tries to convince A that D is the perfect match. B tries to push A to try and catch the attention of D so that B will be able to make the move on C once C see’s that D has moved on to someone new. So A loves B. B wants C. C is desperately trying for D and D is interested in A.

Sad sad times indeed for this small group.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Drop it!!!

To all you people that think that Nipple biting is a huge turn on….. Stop it! That thing is not a chew toy and surprise YES it is attached. Here is a hint, just because it gets hard does NOT automatically mean it is a good thing! ~~~Thank you ~~~

So now that the holiday season is over with it is time for me to relive the horror that was the holiday shopping. What happened to the day when we were kids and the rule of “Someone got it first, you find another toy to play with.” The people out there that go all crazy and decide to pepper spray someone over a pair of new shoes I say too much. This is like tickle me Elmo all over again! All in All by this time next year the crap you bought will not matter.
On this note I think I have had an epiphany on the matter. The reason that people get so piss ass drunk for New Years is to get over the Xmas stress that almost made you go crazy. To you people I tip my hat. Also as a tip, set an alarm on your cell phone for 12:15 to call yourself a Taxi, #1 you will be to drunk to remember and #2 It will be such a long wait time that it will get there at the time you are ready to go anyways.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pet’s the peeve…….

Everyone has their own little pet peeves in the world. I in fact have several of them. How many people hate it when someone chews with their mouth open? Probably the majority of people that chew with it closed. Let’s go over some of the things that make my eye twitch and you can decide just how off I am shall we?

• I hate it when someone chews with their mouth closed but are breathing so heavily through their nose it is amazing they aren’t snotting on their food.
• I hate angry typers. You can pound that keyboard all you want but it is not going to apologize for whatever it is that has you miffed.
• I hate multitaskers in the car. I am sorry you decided to make poor use of your time and assume you can make up for it by just _____ing in your car. (I have literally saved hundreds of lives by NOT slamming on the brakes of my car and causing a huge accident because YOU have no idea what is going on….. You’re Welcome)
• I hate the road blockers in the super market. Why must you place your buggy on one side and then stand in the middle next to it and stare at the canned food items “pretending” that you don’t see me there trying to move past you on my way to my purchase?

These are a few small things that tend to come up on a day to day basis…. Feel free to add any of your own to my list.