Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hockey Eh?

Well that was uncomfortable.... So I had a Dr's appointment the other day..... a FEMALE issues Dr appointment.... long story short (No one that ever says that makes it short) I got my IUD put in! That BULLSHIT hurts people! So not even cool! Bitches lie if they say it didn't! Anyways, I have no idea how we got onto the topic but while the Dr is hands deep into my baby maker we start talking about Hockey and how the puck is hard to follow in a professional game. As we are making awkward conversation and I am going off about how the games are so commercial and all the B.S. calls just make it hard to watch sometimes.
So after we wrap things up and as I am leaving the Dr says "Go Kings!" uhhh Say whuuuu? Good thing he didn't say that when working in the basement because I am not good at keeping my mouth shut and might have said some shit about his team...

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