Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is a common tale of tragedy….. Love

A is desperately in love with B. A has been in love with B for years and spends every waking moment thinking of dear dear B. B is best friends with A but is smitten with C. C thinks that B is nice enough but C is head over heels for dangerous D. D likes to live on the edge and is a little unconventional. What no one realizes is that D has a crush on A. Once B realizes this B tries to convince A that D is the perfect match. B tries to push A to try and catch the attention of D so that B will be able to make the move on C once C see’s that D has moved on to someone new. So A loves B. B wants C. C is desperately trying for D and D is interested in A.

Sad sad times indeed for this small group.