Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dream Land

So...... Anyone that has heard me talk about my dreams knows that my subconsious is less than normal..... See my original blog to compair. In light of this I decided I might as well start to write about some of them.
Big Foot is that you? As I walk through the trees I come to realize that I am hopelessly lost. I know that everyone tells you that when you are lost to just pick a place, cop a squat, and wait til someone finds you but when you are out in the wilds your mind takes over and you think "well I just bet that there is a road, or camp, or trail, just right up here a bit" and then wouldn't you look silly sitting just a few yards away from something hmm? So I keep going. At this point the branches are so think I can choose to windmill my arms and slap them out of my face or just put them up boxer style and plow on through..... ok here we go. ** hop, hop, arms up, and RUN** SLAM I am knocked on my ass by something big and solid. Oh mighty oak tree.... you win. The ground in this part of the ..... what is this? Forest? Woods? Someones Overgrown unkempt back yard? ..... Well it looks comfy enough and it is getting dark. I start to shuffle ferns, and leaves, and other mossy like plants over next to a bush since the wind is starting to pick up a bit. and make myself a nice little nest. As I plunk myself down on my leaves I start to think about all of the little bugs and spiders that will be sharing this with me tonight and can already feel them on my person. Ewwww....... ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz Whuzzat? As I wake up from my rather sound sleep and whipe the drool from my face I look around in the complete and blinding darkness...... ................ twig snap................. rock roll................ branch break......... wind....... "um.... Hello?" RAAWWWRRRRRR HOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLL SCARY NOISE RRRAAAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRR ~BLACK~

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It is a common tale of tragedy….. Love

A is desperately in love with B. A has been in love with B for years and spends every waking moment thinking of dear dear B. B is best friends with A but is smitten with C. C thinks that B is nice enough but C is head over heels for dangerous D. D likes to live on the edge and is a little unconventional. What no one realizes is that D has a crush on A. Once B realizes this B tries to convince A that D is the perfect match. B tries to push A to try and catch the attention of D so that B will be able to make the move on C once C see’s that D has moved on to someone new. So A loves B. B wants C. C is desperately trying for D and D is interested in A.

Sad sad times indeed for this small group.