Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So here it is, another day another lunch break I forgot to pack. For those that don’t know there is a Taco Bell across the street that gets a lot of business from the girls in our office that find then selves in this same predicament. So I go next door, I stand in line to get my good ol’ number 6 (Mmm Chicken chalupa, taco, and a Diet Pepsi) and pull out the old debit card, good for every day on the go moments or in my case every time I want to make a purchase. So I get my tray and turn to find a place to park it and eat before the walk back to the office. So as I am walking through the “dining room” a slightly off balance man holding a fishing pole steps in front of me. “Excuse me, I didn’t catch enough fish to eat today, do have some money for me?” Of course I don’t I use plastic for everything and anything. So I open my mouth to apologize by telling him I don’t carry cash. The man looks down slightly sad and starts to turn away. All of the sudden his hand flashes out to Snatch a taco right off of my tray!! Yes sir it is true. I look up in shock to see a homeless man and his fishing pole bookin it through the parking lot clutching my taco as he goes. I didn’t really care about the taco, he obviously needed it much more than I did and half of the time throw it away anyways but how shocking and unexpectedly random is that?!

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