Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Traumatised much?!

You decide……………..
Just like any other child I woke up in the morning, rubbed the sleep out of my little peepers, jumped up out of bead and ran into the kitchen to grab my morning bowl of processed sugar before plunking myself down in front of Saturday morning cartoons.
Ok…….. am I the only one traumatized by the little leprechaun guy on the lucky charms?!?!??! Note to self, parents when your little 6 year old innocent angel of a daughter (pauses for laughter) tells you she’s a big girl and can watch your movie and not be scared, nu-uh DON’T BELIEVE HER!!!!!! Who decided to make a horror movie about my cute little breakfast man and make him chew off the fingers of people to steal their rings in the middle of the night!!! (Finger licking good indeed)
To this day every time I see a little man dressed in green I hide my fingers behind my back. Let me give you a little lesson, Originally Leprechaun’s were an old wives tale told to children to make them AVOID the woods and surrounding area. Now you may ask yourself, Why would we children want to avoid the happy little dancing merry making men that like to prance around hide shiny objects in a old hollowed out log?? BECAUSE THERE CANNIBALS!!!!!!! It’s true. The original story is that Leprechauns would lure children out into the woods to eat them. Ok……………….. so what kind of sick freak decides to design a breakfast cereal after a demonic little cannibal man that has children following him through the woods trying to get his little candy like marshmallows…… Seems a little suspicious if you ask me.

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