Monday, November 23, 2009

Demon Spawn

So Heather and I decided to strap the baby into the stroller and cruise around Liberty park. WOO HOO she laughs cause the baby starts to dance in the stroller to the drum circle crazy hippy drums. So we mosey a little closer and I am standing there holding the stroller eyeballing the cracked out and drunk kids shakin their groove thang in public when who does my eye land on??! SUPER CRAZY EX BOYFRIEND! For some background information….. after hanging out for a couple weeks and having a good ol time, we are sitting in his living room, just watching a movie, when all of the sudden boy grabs my face, looks deeply into my eyes… THEN DROPS A BOMB SHELL!!!!! What could be so bad you ask??................. Well turns out Mo Fo says that he is a demon here to repopulate the earth with his spawn…. OUR demon spawn. OH YES!!!!! IT IS TRUE J He has chosen me to be the “carrier of his spawn” Direct quote people!!!!!!

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