Monday, November 23, 2009

This happens more often than not

So…………… I gotta pee like a Mofo and I am stuck on a scheduling for a Dr call so I FINALLY get off this call and jump up to go trotting out of the room so BAM I burst out of the door to the hallway and am power walkin it down the hall…….. So There’s some douche up on a ladder I almost knock him over as I do a quick jump around him in the hall. So again BAM burst into the bathroom 2 of the 3 stalls are full SCORE! NO WAIT!!!! So I go in, slam the door, turn around and………… hear music from a horror movie!!!!!!
So in my head I have to make a split second decision. So after contemplating hovering over the drain in the floor I grab a seat cover then 2 more just for good measure. So I am eyeballing this disaster knowing nothing can be done I brace myself for at least a 2 foot hover to avoid any chance of a splash back to occur.
So I finish my “peein like a race horse” moment and low and behold………. No toilet paper. *sigh*
The good news is I avoided any kind of splash back disaster and didn’t get a paper cut on my cookie as I used a seat cover to blot myself dry.

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