Monday, November 7, 2011

Say what you mean…….

Is it really that hard to say what you mean when you are out in the dating world? If you do not think we are compatible then say so, Do NOT go off on a tangent about how much fun you had and how you are looking forward to hanging out with me again and then make up excuses for the next two weeks and then MAGICALLY disappear from the face of the Earth.

Usually I am all for being polite in the face of awkwardness but what is the point of building it up if you know you are not going to follow through with it. Case and point, when you walked me to my car and I said I had a nice time- it was fun and then I left it at that….. There was no reason for you to respond with “Oh it WAS awesome, we should do it again. Next time we will do this and that too!” And then to top it off YOU hugged ME!
You say that you like that I am Sassy but it’s a good thing that I was on my best behavior because I am pretty sure you would not like my full on Sass sir.

To you… I say Good Day.

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