Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Woman Scorned-

**Names have been changed to protect the douche bag.

So we all know that I am an adult and am pretty responsible in most things. I am the stable one, the calm one in an argument. Well I have found that this is not always the case. Piss me off and I piss on you……

So I have been on a few dates and one guy I have seen a couple of times has learned that I am not one to be messed with or in this case jerked around.

I get a call one night from Brad and he asks me if I would like to come over and watch a movie at his house. Sounds good to me, we have been out a couple of times and I have been to his house and it has been a god time all in all. So I get ready to hang out and he calls and said that he needs to push it back an hour because his car had an issue and he wasn’t home yet. Hmmm ok 9pm isn’t to late on a weekend were still good to go. So then 9:30 comes up and he calls and said that he is finally ready and to come on over. Little tired at this point but hey it’s just a movie……

So 10pm I get to his house and when he meets me in the driveway the alcohol on his breath almost knocks me on my ass. Whoa! So we walk to the door and he opens it to go inside and I hear someone banging in the kitchen on the other side and he slams it shut again….. “Do you mind standing here for just one minute real fast?” Um…. Ok anyone else seeing little red flags on this one yet? “Sure” So in he goes and shuts the door in my face. So here I am standing in a dark (no porch light here) stairwell shuffling my feet and getting more and more irritated as the moments tick by.

The door opens and he grabs my hand and pulls me into the house, through the kitchen, down the hall, and into his “area” of the house. I know he has roommates, I have heard the other guys in the house no big deal and his area is almost like a studio apartment. There is a couch and t.v. and coffee table on one end of it and then he has his bed and an end table on the other side with the closet and stuff off to the other with the doorway in the middle. So he shuts the door after me and I walk over and set my purse by the couch and he sigh’s and sits down too. (Ok now he is irritated?! I do not think so.) As I attempt to make small talk and ask how his day was it is clear to me that he is a lot more trashed than I originally thought and this is getting to be ridiculous. I ask to use the ladies room and he jumps up, runs to the door and peeks out into the hall for a moment. As he steps back and opens the door he drops the off handed comment of “My roommate is in his room, make it quick and be quiet.” Ok…. Sonia is pissed.

So I come back to his room from taking my moment in the bathroom to take some deep calming breaths and relax for a moment. Low and behold Brad is slumped on the couch in a drunken stupor and has started the movie. (Kidding? Sure am not) As the movie is droning on and I am lost because I did not see the first five minutes of it so do not know what all the hubbub is all about and Brad boy is drooling on the other side of me the evil thoughts start a brewing…….

Little do any of you know that I did NOT use the ladies room when I stepped away to have a moment and though I do not NEED to go I can if I made the attempt to. So that’s what I did. I have no idea as to what has come over me but I can guarantee that my mother would be shocked and appalled at my lack of lady like behavior.

Right there bold as brass I pulled down my pants, sat on his lap, and pissed on him.

Who in their right mind would treat a girl like a dirty little secret?! I know it happens and all and Hell I have done it myself but Let me tell you that person knows upfront where they sit and what the score is, none of this try and hide it bull. I would like to think that he was traumatized by this and will think twice about how he treats girls but in my mind (and from his text the next morning) I know that he thought he got to drunk and pissed his own pants. I hope that my response of “No that was me” as I hung up on him got my point across.

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  1. Just a note. Mom saw this post and was indeed shocked and appaled by my most unlady like behavior.