Monday, January 10, 2011

Books hurt...

I love to get comfortable to read a book….. I don’t really care where I am. So…..
OPEN SCENE: Picture me, laid out in an arm chair one leg tossed up over the arm, swinging my foot, book propped up on my lap curled sideways and loving life. The smell of coffee in the background, some soft elevator music plays off behind me somewhere and the sound of people talking a few rows over…. That’s right. I am reading a book in the book store.
So here I am minding my own business readin a book relaxing and wasting some time when all of the sudden this giant shadow falls across my book and the light has gotten dim. I recline my head back to look up above me and what do I see? The back of a book……. Um. Hello! Personal space man. I reach up with one hand and tap the back of the book. (Not one of my brighter moves) Apparently I surprised the reader so much that he drops the book right on my face. WHAT THE HELL!!! Ouch!
So the tallest man I have ever seen is looking at me like I am the crazy one here as I hold my face and glare up at him from my once comfy spot. This guy has got to be at least 7 feet tall. No wonder he didn’t see me, 1 inch shorter and he would have been able to step OVER me no problem. So I hand him back his book with a dirty look and say ‘Drop something?” So he takes the book and walks away, never says one word to me. What a douche……
Ladies and Gentlemen…… Mr. Mehmet Okur #13 of our Utah Jazz ( he is indeed 7 feet tall).

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