Monday, January 17, 2011

You’re so vain… I bet you think this Blog is about you.

Bridalplasty………….. Has anyone else seen this show? I will admit that I am vain. I wish my teeth were whiter, I wish my boobs were bigger, I wish, I wish, I wish…… But these girls….. They take it to a whole new level.

This group of soon to be brides are competing to be the perfect bride. Mini challenges make it possible for them to get the chance to nip this, tuck that, remove that, lift those and so on. Now I have to say it is interesting to see these girls all bandaged up from a nose job that has given them two black eyes trying to compete in a taste test to determine who wins the chance to have the next procedure.

I am not here to judge….. My opinion is my own and I am sure you all have your own as well……. The only thing that I am curious about is what will the fiancé think of the after effect?

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