Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There is nothing like the feeling of living on your own and the freedom of knowing this place is yours and you live alone so you can do whatever you want to in the comfort of your own home. Walking naked from the bathroom to the bedroom makes you giggle because it seems just a little wrong, you can leave the dishes in the sink, you can drop your dirty clothes on the floor and leave them there and if you don’t want to make your bed you don’t have to. J

That being said, I was kicked back last night watching my Law and Order Special Victims unit Marathon on TV when I decided to be an adult and go to bed at a decent hour. So after they caught the bad guy rapist killer and found out he still had a partner running around out there I decided to end the night like the show on a suspenseful moment. So I turn off the light, make sure the door is locked, crawl into bed and cuddle down for bed time.

As my little mind starts to sink down into the down comforter of dream land and I am lulled into the peacefulness of Unicorns, Double Rainbows, Gummy bear parades, and happiness everywhere……… I am ripped back into awareness by Police like thumping on my front door. I jolt straight up in bed listening with every nerve ending in my body on full alert!!! Is the knocking coming from the front door or is it coming from inside the garage?!? Wait is that a step on the Stars?!?! What is it???!!!!!! My little eye balls are straining to see into the dark and see if I can see movement at the top of the stairs……..


What in the world is that terrible noise?!?! Ahh the alarm clock. At some point in my scared alert state my body caved and decided it was bed time after all. I fell asleep sitting up in bed and woke up from a very uncomfortable tipped over position still slightly sitting up. **Sigh** Freedom…….


  1. Your blog seriously had me on the edge of my seat. I was thinking “Oh my god, what is going to happen??????”

    Ms. Emily Franco

  2. Duh, I thought someone attacked you and we were all gonna be on the news!

    * waves goodbye to my ten minutes of fame*


    ~ K ~

  3. lol wow. . . I was like OMG!! Someone was in her Garage!?! I KNEW she should have changed that F*)K@!G door handle!! THAT'S IT!!! I'M GOING TO CHANGE YOUR STUPID HANDLE!! I love you. . . but COME ON!!!

  4. Ok so my heart stopped!! Make that the start of your 1st chapter in book!! you can build from there. Love you and glad it was a dream after all. Mom