Monday, March 29, 2010

I wonder

So this is a bit of an emo topic but I have been curious about it for awhile now. So say the me of 2010 goes back and kills the me of 2005, just shoots her in the face kills her. (Lets see the CSI guys figure that one out shall we) So now the 2010 kills her, does the 2010 version of me stay alive in the place of the 2005 me? If so what happens when we hit 2010? Do I automatically go back to 2005 again and start this all over again as a loop? If I do start a new time line and it goes farther than 2010 do I have to continue to wait for another future me to come kill off this version of me too? My mind tends to wander off on reasoning like this from time to time, no harm to anyone but myself I suppose.

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