Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Door Mat

I have decided to get this title tattooed across my forehead and save the people time to discover that I am one. OK seriously I can only have a sympathetic ear to a certain extent. So talking to a guy I like, he is going off about his ex and how she is getting married to someone else... blah blah effing blah, but on the outside I am like "Oh wow I'm so sorry, I know that has got to be hard on you." Now two weeks later this is all he talks about to me. Ever text message I recieve starts off with "So this girl....." OK who cares!!!! You have been broken up for more than 6 months now and I am sure she was great lay but you were only together for 6 months before the break up in the first place. So after my consideration of just ending this now I do not reply to the text. 1am...... (I have to be to work at 6 mind you) I get a text that says "I am writing a book that is called #%$&&^(&*%$T#@" I have left out the name of the book to protect the author but the title was something close to Only in the darkness or something like Myside of the pain or something but you get the hint. So I am looking at this and take the bait. I respond with "are you a disturbed person? - "Yes" okie...... so my response is "are we talking oh i am so emo, my girlfriend broke up with me or I like to torture small animals and wonder what human flesh tastes like kind of disturbed?" I do NOT like it when people don't respond to the more serious need to know questions.

On another side note. I have wondered what a Human tastes like. Not in a serious lets cook up a person patty kinda deal but in the I wonder if we taste Gamey like an elk or deer or if we are closer to Pork since we are closer to a pig as far as anatomy and what not goes.

Disclaimer: This writer has never and would never taste human flesh even if the offer arose.


  1. I think you lie... You would eat human in a heartbeat :)


  2. Ahhh Geez. . . I'm related and must say I too have had this thought.