Friday, July 16, 2010

Boys.... silly silly boys.....

So, I have no idea why boys think it is so hard to communicate with a girl......... For the most part we are simple to make us happy. Say we are pretty! That will do it, I don't care if my hair looks funny or my eye liner is smeared, ignore it, suck it up and tell me I am pretty dang it. There is a reason not all girls are lesbians... It's because we want a MAN!!! Don't get me wrong little boys are fun to take to the park or the zoo or to laugh at when they are being a big little man if I am babysitting, but I do not want to date the little boy. throwing a hissey fit because YOU didnt get your way...... Not a good idea, sorry. You sir are more of a girl than I am, don't ignore me and then blame me for being insensitive and not checking to make sure you are ok. It is not the way to convince me you are a real man. Jackas...... ok, I admit not all men are this way. You do not need to tell me it is a proven fact that if you are mean to a girl she will do what you want because that is not all girls either, you be mean to me and I am not going to bake you cupcakes to make you nice to me. Throw something at your face maybe..... in fact probably. In short..... or from looking above In rant, Be nice or I wil kick your freaking ass!!!! Thank you,

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